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Sometimes you can have the best of both worlds. There’s something to be said about vintage guitars, they have a look about them that just screams story and inspiration, and the Silvertone 1478 electric guitar reissue captures this essence. Thankfully though, the bright people at Silvertone realized that you could keep true to the original while making some stellar improvements.

Technology has come someway since the original release in 1963, and the reissue reaps the benefits of knowledge and experience, the old flat table-leg like neck has been replaced with a more comfortable C shape piece of mahogany that helps carry the deeper tones. The hardware has been upgraded to some beautiful chrome pieces. It includes a fully adjustable bridge so you can get the intonations right and a Brigsby tremolo tailpiece, which helps get some good vibrato into your tunes. Another nice modernization are the two single-coil pickups, which have been reverse engineered to give a sound as close to the original as possible.

The Silvertone 1478 replicates the vintage look in many ways. Some have commented that the volume and tone knobs are a little on the small side, but most appreciate that they are a perfect fit for the era. Now instead of having three knobs for tone and one for volume, each of the two pickups gets its own dedicated controls, and the three-way sliding switch lets you select the sort of sounds you want to hear. This guitar is capable of creating a vast array of sounds and will give anyone owning it hours of pleasurable playing and experimentation.

This guitar is used and is in good condition, with a matte black body. It has minimal scratches.

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