USED Morgan Monroe MMT-1E Electric Mandolin

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This is a used Morgan Monroe Electric Mandolin (MME-1E)

Very Good ConditionLooking like a small eight-stringed electric guitar, the Morgan Monroe electric mandolin packs a lot of features into its little body. To start with, you get a nice solid basswood body in a telecast style, that’s finished with a glossy vintage cherry color. The maple neck gives you some serious strength, while the rosewood fretboard gives a nice finger feel. It’s bolted on nice and straight out of the box but has the potential to be adjusted to different angles to suit your playing style. Speaking of adjustments, a great feature that’s not common in most entry-level electric mandolins is that the MMT-1E comes with individually adjustable saddles, so you can get the height and intonation exactly how you want them.

All of the hardware has a beautiful shiny chrome finish to it, you’ve got knobs for tone and volume and a three-way switch to change where the sound is being picked up from, which this instrument does with two single-coil pickups. Unlike some models, the tone knob actually provides a significant difference in sound, allowing you to get exactly the sound you are after.

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